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2017 Hyland Vineyard - Pinot noir

2017 Hyland Vineyard - Pinot noir


Limited Library Release!


tasting notes
silken red fruit, pronounced spice, medium frame, supple, elegant and poised, fantastic length, classic cool-climate oregon Pinot noir from a historic terroir


ava McMinnville

elevation 600 feet

soils Volcanic Basalt, Jory series

vine age Block 7A, planted 1989, self-rooted

clonal selection "Coury" selection from Alsace

farming Dry-Farmed, Organic management

harvest October 8, 2017

bottled september 12, 2018

cases produced 325


the Terroir

Hyland vineyard is one of the Willamette Valley's historic vineyards, having been planted in 1972 with a clonal selection of Pinot noir that originated in Alsace. "Coury" selection Pinot noir‒named after Charles Coury, who sourced the cuttings‒is known for elegance, spice and supple tannin structure. The Jory soil (volcanic basalt) furthers these characteristics. And importantly, Hyland is situated on the shoulder of the Van Duzer Corridor, the "air-conditioning" pathway through the Coast Range where marine air enters from the west and cools the Willamette Valley. Persistent wind spills over this neighborhood, moderating temperatures and allowing for patient ripening and retention of fresh acidity. This Pinot noir bottling comes from Block 7A, self-rooted Coury selection planted in 1989, farmed organically and without irrigation. 


the Growing Season

The Winter of 2017 brought a deluge of rain and the Spring was cool and wet, delaying bud break and then flowering. the Summer was generally dry and warm, sometimes hot. Critically, the Autumn returned to seasonably cool temps and several cycles of rain recharged the soil and refreshed